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Are you looking for Australian Citizenship Test? is the best source for the people who want to become the member of Australian society. Applicants who really want to enjoy the citizenship benefits have to go through the process of writing citizenship test to prove your understanding of the country, it's government, culture and laws. The Australian citizen concept was created on 26 Jan 1949 with the enactment of the National and citizenship act 1948, now known as the Australian citizenship act 2007. From October 19, 2009 the newly revised citizenship test contains two parts- testable (chapters 1, 2 and 3) and non-testable sections applicants who are seeking Australian citizenship have to pass this test.

Here at we are offering free Australian Citizenship Test questions and answers, you can practice citizenship test for free unlimited times and we offers over 600 random questions covering from the Australian Citizenship: Our Common Bond. We have presented the practice citizenship test in a format which closely resembles the official test. These questions are not actual test questions but taking this will make you find whether you are ready to take the actual test.

Australian Citizenship Test Advantages/ Benefits

After you become an Australian citizen, you will have new responsibilities and also have a range of new Advantages/ Benefits. Details are given below:

You’re Responsibilities towards Australia as an Australian citizen:

  • Obey the law
  • Defend Australia when the need arise
  • Serve on a jury if called to do so
  • Vote in federal and state or territory elections, and in a referendum


  • You can apply for job in Public Service or in the Australian Defense Force
  • Seek election to parliament
  • Apply for an Australian passport and re-enter Australia freely
  • Support from Australian consulate abroad
  • Register children born overseas as Australian citizens by descent

Importance of Taking Australian Citizenship Practice Test

  1. Practice makes you perfect as well as it also gives you the perfect awareness about the pattern of the test
  2. Taking the online sessions with enough sample questions will helps you in practicing the Computer and English literacy skills which also evaluates your weakness and strengths in various aspects
  3. You can take the mock test sitting at home in your leisure which are easy and simple
  4. Australian citizenship practice tests contain the required and necessary information which helps the applicants in achieving the goal of citizenship.
  5. The practice tests questions are based on the new resource book-Australian Citizenship: our common bond.
  6. These self-test questions helps a person in becoming thorough in acquiring good knowledge on topics related to Australian history, government, cultural background, law and order etc.

Australian Citizenship Test Structure

Citizenship Test is in English, usually computer based and consists of 20 multiple choice questions. Each question consists of 3 or 4 answers Or True or False format, however only one answer is correct. All the Australian Citizenship questions will be based on the official study book Australian Citizenship – Our common bond. The questions are based on:

Part 1: Australia and its people

Part 2: Australia’s democratic beliefs, rights and liberties

Part 3: Government and the law in Australia

Australian Citizenship Test Rules

Everyone needs to follow the below rules during the Citizenship test. Details are listed below:

  1. The Standard Test is time based and need to complete the test within 45 minutes or 90 minutes for Assisted Test and no extra time to take test
  2. At test venue or center, any kind of test resource material is not allowed.
  3. All your personal things may be taken and stored under the desk for the duration of the test.
  4. All other electronic communication/equipment should be switched off

If you do not follow the above rules, you may not be allowed to take test and request you to leave the test venue and may have to sit the test again.

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