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Australia And Its People Test 1

We have designed Australia and its people-Self-test 1 practice test questions to help you in preparing the official Australian citizenship test. Australia and its people Self-test 1 will be in English which consist of 20 multiple choice questions and has a pass mark of 75 percent. To make you perfect we have bifurcated the questions into chapter wise.

Here are the Australia and its people-Self-test 1 questions which are based on new resource book-Australian Citizenship: our common bond, chapter one - Australia and its people. Learn and memorize at your own pace.

Australia And Its People Test

Question 1 of 20

1. Which world famous reef runs along the eastern coast of Queensland

2. In 1851, __________ was discovered in the colonies of New South Wales and Victoria.

3. Who was the first governor of the New South Wales colony

4. Of the following statements, choose the one that is true

5. On 26 January 1788 What happened in Australia

6. What bird is the symbol of Western Australia

7. What is the captial of the Northern Territory

8. Of the following statements, which is true

9. Anzac day is

10. The mainland and _______ are separated by Bass Strait

11. Which sentence is pronounced first during citizenship pledge

12. What colours does the Torres Strait Islander Flag have

13. You pledge your loyalty to ___________at the citizenship ceremony.

14. From Great Britain, in which year did the first 11 convict ships arrive

15. First Prime Minister of Western Australia was which individual

16. Commonwealth of Australia was founded on which year

17. Between ________ and _________ is situated the Australian Capital Territory

18. What is depicted by the rule of law

19. Which of the following are the national colours of Australia

20. On the Australian Aboriginal Flag, the yellow circle represents __________