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Australia And Its People Test 2

Australia And Its People Test

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1. The Commonwealth of Australia has _________ as the official symbol.

2. What system of Government is followed in Australia

3. The commonwealth of Australia iconsists of ____ territories.

4. The mainland and _______ are separated by Bass Strait

5. On the Torres Strait Islander Flag, the points of the white star represent _____

6. Who was the main officer of the First Fleet

7. Each year, 25 April is observed as __________

8. The colours of the Australian Aboriginal Flag are _____________________

9. Australia's day is celebrated on ______-

10. Which colors are the national colours of Australia

11. What were the first 11 convict ships called

12. Which of the below are Australian States

13. The flag that has black, red and yellow is _______

14. Which world famous reef runs along the eastern coast of Queensland

15. Australia's culture, history and political institutions have been majorly influenced by _________ heritage

16. What pet name is in some cases given to individuals from Western Australia

17. Who are Australia's first inhabitants

18. Australian National Flag has the Union Jack representing __________

19. On the Torres Strait Islander Flag, the green stripes represent _______________

20. The European settlement began in _________