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Australia And Its People Test 5

Australia And Its People Test

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1. _______was the first Governor of the colony of New South Wales.

2. Which of these on-screen characters is not from Western Australia

3. Which explanation about equalities of Australia is not right

4. Western Australia Capital is

5. Anzac day is

6. What represents the national unity of Australia

7. __________ separates Tasmania from the mainland

8. Which would you consider the oldest continuing culture in the world

9. Where does Western Australia's 3/4th population live

10. When do people commit to a happy and prosperous future together and rejoice in the present

11. When did a wave of non-British migration come

12. In the colonies of Victoria and New South Wales, when was Gold discovered

13. What are Australia's law based convictions

14. The wealth created by the 1850s' golden rush funded many fine buildings in _____________

15. Many large mining projects are found in _____

16. Excluding the indigenous people, the population of Australia was counted at about 4 million in ________________

17. Millions of people in Europe left their homelands _________

18. Early free settlers in Australia originated from ______

19. In the first few years of European settlement, who overcame many problems

20. On the Torres Strait Islander Flag, the points of the white star represent _____