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Australia And Its People Test 7

Australia And Its People Test

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1. What is Australia's population today

2. What is depicted by the rule of law

3. The wealth created by the 1850s' golden rush funded many fine buildings in _____________

4. Along the main highway between _______ and __________ lives the small population of the Northern Territory

5. ________migrants were actively encourage throughout the first half of the 20th century to settle in Australia

6. _________ is New South Wales's capital city

7. In which state / states were gold identified in 1851

8. In 1851, gold was discovered in the colonies of __________

9. South Australia's capital city is ________

10. Which of the below are Australian States

11. Who established the first colony of New South Wales

12. Which are the colors in the Australian National Flag

13. Which would you consider the oldest continuing culture in the world

14. Who was the first legislative leader of the state New South Wales

15. What is the reason behind celebration of Australia Day

16. Which of the following are the national colours of Australia

17. On the Torres Strait Islander Flag, the points of the white star represent _____

18. You pledge your loyalty to ___________at the citizenship ceremony.

19. Who was the commander of the First Fllet

20. On which day the first armada touch base in Australia