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Benefits Australian Citizenship Test

Australia is an amazing country to settle at. The country is beautiful, the people are nice, the life is easy and the food is awesome. Perhaps that is why Australian immigrant department get lots of request for issuance of various kinds of Australian visas.

However being an immigrant you might not avail the full benefits that Australian government provides you. For that you need to be an Australian citizen. Surprisingly, for most of people who migrate to Australia, becoming an Australian citizen and all the paperwork involved in the process thereof may appear to be a cumbersome task. But the rewards and the benefits that you reap after becoming an Australian citizen surely outweighs all the pain that you bear during the process of application. Below are couple of the benefits that you can avail being a citizen of Australia.

Staying in Australia forever

Given that Australia is such a cool country to be at, being an Australian citizen provides you with an opportunity to live forever in any part of the country without any hassles of visa and other legal procedures that an immigrant has to follow.

Support of the overseas Australian embassies

Being an Australian citizen also provides you with the right to seek the help of Australian embassy if you are not in Australia. If you are going outside Australia, you can always seek the support of Australian embassies in case of any problems. These Australian embassies have their presence in almost every country and they would be more than eager to help you out.

All your coming generation enjoys Australian citizenship

Any child born in Australia is automatically declared as the legal citizen of Australia by the virtue of his birth. His name is recorded as an Australian citizen by birth. Also, in case a child is born to Australian parents outside Australia, he is also considered as an Australian citizen and is registered as Australian citizen by descent. Thus, if you are a citizen of Australia, your coming generations automatically enjoy all the benefits of being an Australian citizen.

Working in the public sector jobs of Australia

Being an Australian citizen opens your door to apply for the jobs in any of the public departments of Australian government. There are plenty of the departments that advertise their job opportunities every year. If you are an Australian citizen all you need to is to apply for the job. It would be worth mentioning here that these public jobs are only available to legal citizens of Australia. Also, you have an option to join the defence forces of Australia. It would be wrong to say that jobs in Australia don’t pay well. In fact they offer a very safe and well paying career to Australian citizens.

Voting rights and right to contest elections

As an Australian citizen you have all the power and authority to exercise your franchise and vote in the various elections to choose the government. Not only this, being an Australian citizen also offers you with an option to contest elections and enjoy the prestige of serving the Australian people.

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