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Australian Citizenship Ceremonies

Once your application for being a citizen of Australia is approved by the administration, the last and the concluding step is to take an Australian Citizenship Pledge at an Australian citizenship ceremony. Every year on January 26, thousands of people become the legal citizens of Australia by taking the pledge at citizenship ceremonies which are organised all around Australia.

Why such ceremonies?

On the very outset, these citizenship ceremonies comply with the requirements of the Australian law. Besides it also gives an opportunity to the government to officially greet and receive the new citizens of Australia and welcome them to the Australian community.

How do I get the invitation for the ceremony?

Once your request for being an Australian citizen is approved by the Department of Immigration of Australia, you would receive an invite which shall reveal the place and time where your citizenship ceremony will be conducted. Citizenship ceremony is a friendly event and you might want to invite your near and dear ones to celebrate the new availed citizenship.

What all is conducted in these citizenship ceremonies?

In the ceremony, people are required to take the Australian citizenship pledge. Australian citizenship pledge in a way is the public declaration of the loyalty of the oath taker towards the country. In the ceremony he publically accepts all the responsibilities that comes along being a legal citizen of Australia.

Is attending this ceremony important?

Yes. You won’t become a legal citizen of Australia until and unless you have attended your citizenship ceremony. What’s more is that you can’t even apply for an Australian passport if you have not attended the citizenship ceremony. However under below circumstances, you may chose to skip your citizenship.

  1. If you are mentally or physically incapable of attending the ceremony.
  2. If you are the child of someone who was formerly a legal citizen of Australia.
  3. If you were born in Papua.
  4. If you are a child of 15 years or less.
  5. If you have been granted the Australian citizenship by descent or by birth.
  6. If you are resuming your earlier citizenship of Australia.

Is there any minimum age of attending the citizenship ceremony?

Anyone who is of 16 years or more is required to attend the citizenship ceremony and required to take the Australian citizenship pledge.

Do I need to carry anything for the ceremony?

Yes. It would be clearly stated on the invitation letter. Usually you need to bring your invitation letter along with some identification proof that has your photograph and name example being a driver’s license or a passport. In case you do not have any such proof you need to get no less than three valid documents that have your name, address and the signatures.

It must be stated here that children of less than 16 years are not suppose to get any identification proof.

What to wear for the citizenship ceremony?

People usually wear formals or smart casuals when they attend the citizenship ceremony.

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