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Australian Citizenship Test - Practice Citizenship Test Online

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Question 1 of 20

1. Immigration and citizenship, whose responsibility is it

2. With what name a local government area is better known

3. Whose responsibility is it to collect taxes from persons, companies etc. who are liable to pay taxes

4. Who appoints judges and magistrates in Australia

5. What is that political system of ruling is called in which voters can freely vote to candidates of their choice to rule them and make laws on their behalf

6. Which of these statements about Australian's fairness is incorrect

7. Who appoints the Administrator for the Northern Territory

8. When does a bill become a law in Australia

9. A group of two or more persons formed by the Government for a specific cause or responsibility, what it is called

10. Anzac Day is observed every year on

11. What is the name of the capital city of the northern territory

12. Which state has many examples of fine colonial architecture

13. Illegal buying or carrying of drugs for selling purpose, what it is called

14. Using seat belt during car travels is essential for all.

15. In which year Commonwealth of Australia came into existence after unification of British colonies

16. Which powers are vested in Governor-General and Australian Ministers

17. What is the population of Australia

18. Which level of government is responsible for schools

19. Which of these statements about communicating in English is incorrect

20. What does the top half of the Australian Aboriginal Flag represent