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Australian Citizenship Document Checklist

Australia is an amazing country to settle at. Every year lots of people migrate to Australia for work and try to get an Australian citizenship. However, getting an Australian citizenship is not that easy. There are so many statutory requirements which you need to fulfil before you are considered eligible to have an Australian citizenship.

Statutory compliances to get the citizenship of Australia involve lots and lots of paperwork. There are so many documents that are needed to be attached along with the application form. Even one document missing and your application for Australian citizenship might get rejected by the administration. As such, it becomes imperative on the part of the applicant to familiarise himself with all the documents that are necessary for the successful application for the citizenship of Australia. Also, it is mandatory for the applicant to attach an Australian Citizenship checklist along with the application.

What all documents do I need while applying for the Australian citizenship?

It is a general practise worldwide to provide certain essential documents like a proof of identity, a proof of income, a certificate of having a good character along with other supplementary documents for the process of citizenship application.

What all documents can I submit as proof of Identity

Any of the below mentioned document that has your name and photograph on it can be served as a proof of identity.

  1. A valid passport
  2. license
  3. Nationality certificate
  4. Identity cards issued by the universities to their students.
  5. Military identity card.
Besides you also need to submit the existing residential address so that your application for citizenship gets processed. Any one of the following documents can be attached as the residential evidence
  1. Electricity bill
  2. Gas bill
  3. Credit card bill
  4. Mobile bill
  5. Rent agreement

Documents having birth name, date of birth, martial documents are also needed to be attached by the applicant. In addition he should get a declaration of identity and his photograph attested by the required Australian administrator.

How to get the certificate of good character

All those applicants who have attained the age of 18 year are needed to provide National Police Checking Service approval document together with the application. This can be easily obtained by getting in touch with the local police officials. If the applicant has travelled outside Australia for 12 months or more in the last 10 years from the date of application, he is also required to get a clearance document duly signed by the authorities of the country he has travelled to so as to prove his good character and making his application strong.

Do I need to provide any other documents as well?

Yes. Some supplementary documents are also needed to be submitted apart from the above mentioned documents while applying for the Australian citizenship. However those documents are mostly dependent upon the category of the applicant. There are various categories under which you can apply for the citizenship like child of a former Australian citizen, spouse of an Australian citizen etc.

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