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Australian Citizenship Free Practice 16 Test

Australian Citizenship: Practice Citizenship Test Questions

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1. Federal elections and referendums are conducted by _______

2. Until when are people free to share different beliefs and traditions and follow them in the Australiam democratic society

3. The wealth created by the 1850s' golden rush funded many fine buildings in _____________

4. About equality of men and women in Australia, which of the following is true

5. About the criminal offences in Australia, which of the following is true

6. Of the following statements, which is true

7. Of the following statements, choose the one that is true of equality in Australia.

8. In _______gold was discovered in the coloniesof New South Wales and Victoria.

9. In Australia, how would you call the alliance of states

10. What number of Senators are chosen into the senate from each one state

11. Responsibility of Noise and Animal Control is with

12. How many representatives are elected from each sstate in the house of Senate

13. What pet name is in some cases given to individuals from Western Australia

14. Choose a statement that is true about colonies

15. The Australian Government is formed by whom

16. In Centrelink, what is the minimum age to work

17. Excluding the indigenous people, the population of Australia was counted at about 4 million in ________________

18. The red desert soil is present in the _____of the Northern Territory.

19. Which would you consider the oldest continuing culture in the world

20. A rich agricultural and wine-growing area coves the south-west of _______