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Australian Citizenship Free Practice 7 Test

Australian Citizenship: Practice Citizenship Test Questions

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1. In Australia, how would you call the alliance of states

2. Of the following, which one would you consider to be the role of the Governor General

3. The Australian Government is responsible for which of the following

4. The sacrifice of all Australians who served and died in wars, conflicts and peacekeeping operations is remembered on ___________

5. The Australian Government is formed by whom

6. Of the following services, what is the Australian Government responsible for

7. Sometimes, the Senate is also referred to as _____________

8. Which of the following is the State and territory governments responsible for

9. The Head of State of Australia is _______________

10. Responsibility of Railways is with

11. Who elects the members of House of Senate

12. To encourage cooperation between the various levels of government, which organization has been set up

13. In the Commonwealth Coat of Arms symbol, what supports the shield on each side

14. __________ is Victoria's capital city

15. During European Settlement, the reason the British Government decided to transport convicts to the new colony of New South Wales was ______________-

16. In Canberra, the Prime Minister announces the Australian of the Year on the eve of ________

17. If you are a citizen of Australia, you should ________

18. You can change the Australian constitution

19. Which are the three levels of government

20. Who appoints an Administrator in the Northern Territory