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Australian Citizenship Free Practice 8 Test

Australian Citizenship: Practice Citizenship Test Questions

Question 1 of 20

1. The Australians can contribute to the future of Australia and in the way the country is governed ___________

2. The colours of the Australian Aboriginal Flag are _____________________

3. Which would you consider the oldest continuing culture in the world

4. Identify the statement that is true.

5. Who are Australia's indigenous people

6. The responsibility of an Australian is to __________

7. When did a wave of non-British migration come

8. Of the following statements, identify the one that is true

9. Identify the statement from among these that is true

10. Approximately, the population of Australia in 1901 was_______

11. The High Court of Australia was established by ____________-

12. __________ separates Tasmania from the mainland

13. About the Queen of Australia, which of the following is true

14. On the Australian National Flag, the Southern Cross is located ___________

15. Identify the statement that is true about voting in Australia.

16. Who is the highest authority in the court

17. The people from ________ are historically the aboriginal people

18. In Australia, how would you call the alliance of states

19. For a career in the Air Force, what is the minimum age to apply

20. What is the Australian Government responsible for