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Australian Citizenship: Practice Citizenship Test Questions

Question 1 of 20

1. _______ is Queensland's capital city

2. Australia's High court is located in _________

3. Whom does the Governor represent in each state

4. Local governments is responsible for which of the following

5. You can change the Australian constitution

6. Which of the following are the national colours of Australia

7. As an Australian citizen, what should you do

8. Of the following statements about Freedom of association in Australia, which is true

9. For a career in the Army, what is the minimum age to apply

10. The responsbility of ____________ lies with the Australian Government.

11. Which colors are the national colours of Australia

12. Western Australian east side

13. The wealth created by the 1850s' golden rush funded many fine buildings in _____________

14. Which one of the accompanying is the most diminutive of the territory states

15. Of the following which is true

16. What is the flaf of Great Britain that is on Australian National Flag called

17. Which city is Tasmania capital

18. What number of candidates does Lower House have

19. Of the following, which one would you consider to be the role of the Governor General

20. Who is the leader of a territory government