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Governments And Their Responsibilities Test 1

Take our 1 FREE practice test questions covered from Government and the law in Australia. With an Intention to help the applicants in practicing the Australian citizenship test we have designed these free practice questions which are based on new resource book-Australian Citizenship: our common bond, chapter third - Government and the law in Australia. Government and the law in Australia Test 1 will be in English which consist of 20 multiple choice questions and has a pass mark of 75 percent.

Practice…Practice till you are confident in taking the official citizenship test.

Practice test for: Chapter 3 - Government and the law in Australia

Question 1 of 20

1. Responsibility of Hospitals and Health Services are taken care by

2. To encourage cooperation between the various levels of government, which organization has been set up

3. Of the following statement about the Traffic offences, identify the one that is true.

4. What number of Senators are chosen into the senate from each one state

5. Of the following statements, which is true

6. Protecting life and property is the job of __________

7. Which of the following is the Local governments responsible for

8. Of the following statements, identify the one that is true

9. What is the leader of the Opposition Party called

10. Whom does the Governor represent in each state

11. Of the following services, what is the Australian Government responsible for

12. AEC stands for _____

13. People united the British colonies to form a single Australian nation. Why

14. Peace and order in the community are maintained by _____________

15. Of the following statements about the AEC, which is true

16. What is the State and territory governments responsible for

17. Australian Government ministers and The Governor General are included in ___________

18. What do you pledge at the citizenship ceremony

19. The Bill goes to _______________ if the majority of members in each House of Parliament.

20. Who is the leader of the Australian Government