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Governments And Their Responsibilities Test 6

Practice test for: Chapter 3 - Government and the law in Australia

Question 1 of 20

1. Between how many arms of government is the power divided by the Australian Constitution

2. The basic rules for the government of Australia are set out in which of these the legal documents

3. The Prime Minister, the leader of the Australian Government is elected by whom

4. Local governments is responsible for which of the following

5. The Bill becomes a law when __________ signs the Bill.

6. Choose the statement that is true about criminal offences in Australia.

7. What is the other name for the Australian Government

8. Who is the leader of a territory government

9. About the Queen of Australia, which of the following is true

10. Of the following , choose a statement that is true.

11. Responsibility of Railways is with

12. Which of the following is the Australian Government responsible for

13. Of the following statements, which is true

14. Responsibility of defence is with

15. What is the key decision making body of the Australian Government

16. The Commonwealth electoral roll is maintained by ______

17. Of the following statement about the Traffic offences, identify the one that is true.

18. Responsibility of Immigration and Citizenship is with

19. Who controls the road and traffic rules

20. Of the following services, what is the Australian Government responsible for