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Governments And Their Responsibilities Test 8

Practice test for: Chapter 3 - Government and the law in Australia

Question 1 of 18

1. Choose the statement that is true.

2. Of the following services, what is the Australian Government responsible for

3. Of the following , choose a statement that is true.

4. _________--- is the other name for the House of Representatives.

5. Of the following statement, choose the one that is true

6. Of the following statement about the Traffic offences, identify the one that is true.

7. The representative who is voted for to represent the Australians in the House of representatives is called _____________________

8. The MPs or Senators are chosen by _______--- to become ministers.

9. Of the following statements, which is true

10. The Head of State of Australia is _______________

11. Responsibility of Schools are with

12. Responsibility of Public Transport is of

13. Whom does the Governor represent in each state

14. Of the following statements, which is true

15. Local governments is responsible for which of the following

16. Which of the following is the State and territory governments responsible for

17. __________ is the responsibility of the Local governments.

18. Who elects the members of House of Senate