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Governments And Their Responsibilities Test

It’s never too late to start. Here are the 20 free practice test questions which are covered from the chapter three (Part 3: Government and the law in Australia) of new resource book-Australian Citizenship: our common bond.

If your day is rigid make free practice test a high up on your priorities list. Don’t give up. Stay on the track until your score is highest.

Practice test for: Chapter 3 - Government and the law in Australia

Question 1 of 20

1. Of the following statements about voting, identify the statement that is true.

2. Both the mainland territories elect _______ representatives each in the house of Senate.

3. Identify the statement from among these that is true

4. Who is the leader of a state government

5. Identify the statement that is true about voting in Australia.

6. What are the two Houses that speak to the Australian Parliament

7. Responsibility of Noise and Animal Control is with

8. __________ is the responsibility of the Local governments.

9. Who controls the road and traffic rules

10. For interpreting and applying the law, who is responsible

11. Identify the statement from among these that is true

12. The responsbility of ____________ lies with the Australian Government.

13. Of the following statements, which is true

14. Royal Assent is defined as ___________

15. To encourage cooperation between the various levels of government, which organization has been set up

16. What number of candidates does Lower House have

17. What is the leader of the Opposition Party called

18. Of the following statement, choose the one that is true

19. Responsibility of Forestry is with

20. Of the following statement about the Traffic offences, identify the one that is true.