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How to pass your Australian Citizenship Test

Australian citizenship test was developed with the intention to test whether those who are seeking to be an Australian citizen know exactly what being an Australian citizen means. It simply tests the candidates on the knowledge of Australian culture, its value systems, the general knowledge about the country on the whole and the responsibilities of an Australian citizen.

For someone who has spent quite a few years in Australia, this test is quite a cakewalk. However those who are new to the country and are not familiar regarding the various aspects of Australian culture and its citizenship, qualifying this test may become a very difficult task. Below we mention some of the key pointers which you must keep in mind as you appear for an Australian citizenship test. These will not only help you in qualifying the Australian citizenship tests, but will also guide you about where to begin from at the very first place.

Resource book provided by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship

On the very outset, you should go through the resource book which is provided by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship, Australia. This resource book can be downloaded from the website of the department. The book contains everything that you must know in order to successfully pass the Australia citizenship test. Not only this, it also has some practice questions as well which shall give you a fair idea regarding the types of question which can be asked in the test. The best part of resource book is that it is totally free.

Take plenty of online citizenship tests

There are so many websites present over the web which offer free online citizenship tests to the candidates. All you need to do is to Google something like “Free Australian citizenship tests practise questions” and you will get lots of hits which lead to the websites that offer free citizenship test practise questions. Practise these questions properly and you shall feel more confident about taking the test.

Get to know the Australian culture

While reading is important when it comes to passing the Australian citizenship test, it becomes equally important that you are totally aware of the Australian culture practically. You can join clubs, play some team games, go to a pub or a theatre and meet the Australian citizen there. You may find it awkward initially but that is how you start. This way you will meet lots of Australian friends from whom you can learn different aspect of being an Australian citizen. You will learn subtle aspects of Australian culture that you would not find in any resource book or helping material. You will also learn the language which is used in day to day communication by Australians. All these things shall equip you to take on the citizenship test with more confidence.

Take out time to study

You must be having a very busy lifestyle but you need to take out some time and study to pass the test. It would be advisable to prepare notes while you study.

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