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How to apply for Australian Citizenship - The 5 W’s of the Test Process

Persons, who have migrated to Australia and wish to become citizens of that country, need to fulfill certain criteria to enable them to apply for citizenship, such as having acquired permanent residence, having stayed there for a certain period of time, being of a certain age, and having a good character. The Australian government is keen to encourage residents who have migrated from other countries to find out more about Australia, and to understand what the responsibilities that such citizens must carry out are, and what privileges they will be entitled to as citizens of that country.

Of the 34 recommendations that were made by the Citizenship Test Review Committee to improve the test, the government fully supported 23 of them and gave in-principle support to a further four. Accordingly, the New Citizenship Test, which began in October 2009, is based on the Australian Citizenship Pledge.

They have the choice of taking either the Standard or the Assisted Test, and a course has been developed for this specific purpose, which gives details of the Eligibility, the content of the test, the Assessment, the Course-Based Test Locations and the facilities available or not available for Child Care during the conduct of the test.

Interested persons must take care to follow certain steps for applying for citizenship in Australia. This is important so that the application procedure is followed and there are no flaws so that the application is accepted and there are maximum chances of success in obtaining citizenship.

What: The Process involves familiarisation with the eligibility for applying for citizenship of Australia, meeting the requirements, being informed about the test schedule and the interview process.

Who: It is for individuals who are above the age of 18, and under the age of 60, have acquired permanent residence in Australia and are of good character, which makes them eligible for citizenship. It also lists persons who are exempt and do not need take the test to obtain citizenship

When: Persons applying must have resided in a particular country for a period of time and hold a valid Australian visa for a period of four years before applying for Australian citizenship. The new citizenship test came into force in October 2009.

Where: Individual can prepare for the test by obtaining information from the website created for this purpose. There are details of the test questions in English and a test resource book which can be downloaded or ordered on-line.

Why: It contains all the information one would need to prepare for the new citizenship test, effective from October 2009, including the application, the obtaining of an appointment for the test or an interview, and the list of documents to be submitted like proof of identity, qualification certificates, any history of conviction, income proof and so on.

The citizenship resource book, Australian Citizenship: Our Common Bond, provides all the required information and helps to prepare for the test. The test questions are in plain English and there are no compulsory questions. The pass mark is 75 percent and the test is based on the Australian Citizenship Pledge. The Pledge is available in two versions, one that mentions God, and one that does not, to suit the needs of people who believe in God and those who do not. There is also information about Australia’s democratic beliefs, laws and the government as well as the responsibilities and privileges of Australian citizenship.

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