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Living in Australia

Australia is the land of beaches, surf, sun and sand. People around the globe visit the country mesmerised by the kind of life it offers. The very essential thing for living in Australia is to have an Australian citizenship. In case you do not have an Australian citizenship, the least you should have a valid Australian visa that allows you to live in Australia. Do you know everything about living in Australia? If not, you may refer to our handy guide which will familiarise you about everything you need to know regarding living in Australia.

Accommodation in Australia

The real estate industry of Australia has a status of a very high repute because of the high measure of its housing options. An extensive array of housing options is available in all major cities of Australia. There are penthouses, terrace houses, independent villas. Most of the facilities and amenities such as market, bank, sports fields and courts, swimming pools etc are there nearby making life in Australia hassle free. The cost of house differs from region to region. You also have an option to rent a house before you buy a new one for yourself.

Working in Australia

Australia is one of those countries in the world which boasts of having a small number representing its nationwide unemployment rate. There are many job opportunities available across almost all the industries operating in Australia. Average annual job opportunities available are around 200000. Whether you will get a Work opportunity in Australia will depend upon the region in which you are residing, your own qualifications and economic situation of the region (and/or of the country). There is a strong law which protects the interest of the employee in terms of minimum wages and minimum leaves. Besides, job agreement and contracts also play an important factor that influences the workplace of Australian companies. Jobs in Australia are usually advertised in the local classifieds against which the applicant must apply. In case a foreign citizen is seeking a job in Australia, he must hold a valid visa if he wants to work in Australia. Without holding a valid working visa, it’s illegal and you won’t get any job opportunity in Australia.

Healthcare in Australia

Healthcare industry of Australia is quite an advanced one and is quite popular among Australian citizen. The citizens of Australia are suppose to pay a part of their income as Medicare levy which is nothing but the tax to sustain the public healthcare system of Australia. This acts like a medical insurance and it guarantees them free or subsidised healthcare facilities at public health care centres and hospital. Just like other countries, healthcare system is also privatised in Australia. Those who can afford the private healthcare can avail extra healthcare facilities from private hospitals and health care centres.

Education in Australia

Australia has a range of primary and secondary schools that provide world class education to the students. Besides, there are prominent universities in every region to facilitate higher education of the student.

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