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New Australian Citizenship Practice Test 1 Questions and Answers

Question 1 of 20

1. Which of these statements about people settle in Australian is correct

2. What is freedom of speech allows

3. Which is the smallest state

4. Where is the Great Barrier Reef in Australia Located

5. Which of these statements about voluntary community work is incorrect

6. What is the capital city of New South Wales

7. Who is responsible for planning and delivering services to their local community

8. Who has the responsibility to serve on a jury in Australia

9. What those members of parliament are called, who do not belong to any political party

10. Who is the head of state of Australia

11. In which year Commonwealth of Australia came into existence after unification of British colonies

12. What is the leader of a local council called

13. Taxes support services that help make Australia the peaceful and prosperous country it is today.

14. How many members in the House of Representatives Australia

15. What is the main town near the centre of Australia

16. What do the points of the white star in the Torres Strait Islander Flag represent

17. What is the name of the capital city of the northern territory

18. What is Australia's national language

19. Who was the commander of the First Fleet

20. Who is supreme in a court