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New Australian Citizenship Practice Test Questions and Answers

Practice New Australian Citizenship Test online is easy and free right here. To pass the "New Australian Citizenship Test" it’s very important that you must have enough practice before going for actual test. To assist you to prepare New Australian citizenship test, we came up with this new online free Australian Citizenship Test resources.

In this New Australian Citizenship sample Test questions and answers are based on the Australian Citizenship Pledge that new Australians make when becoming citizens. In this website we have more than 600 questions which are designed by the expertise. Our goal is to help you to pass the Citizenship test www.theaustraliancitizenship.com offering free New Australian Citizenship sample practice tests which you can use to improve your knowledge and be ready to take your official test.

The new citizenship test began on 19 October 2009. The major changes were:

  1. Questions have been rewritten in plain English
  2. The test does not contain any mandatory questions
  3. Test pass mark has increased from 60 % to 75 %
  4. The Australian Citizenship Test is based on the Australian Citizenship Pledge

Question 1 of 20

1. Who was the first governor of the colony of New South Wales

2. What is the population of Australia in 2012

3. Who established the first colony in Australia

4. What is Queensland's capital city

5. Minimum age to contest election in Australia

6. What is in the top left corner of the Australian National Flag

7. Which of these is not a responsibility of Australian citizens aged 18 years or over

8. Who is the head of state of Australia

9. Which legal body takes decisions on most important matters in Australian Government

10. Where is the Great Barrier Reef in Australia Located

11. With what name a local government area is better known

12. Which of these is a responsibility of Australian citizens aged 18 years or over

13. When were the colonies united into a federation of states called the Commonwealth of Australia

14. Australians also have supports through government social security in times of need.

15. What did the First Fleet mostly transport

16. What level of government is responsible for noise and animal control

17. Taxes support services that help make Australia the peaceful and prosperous country it is today.

18. What is Australia heritage religion

19. Australian native animals are Kangaroos and emus

20. What happened in Australia on 26 January 1788