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What Documents do you Need For Australian Citizenship

If you wish to have an Australian citizenship, be prepared to deal with lots of documents. During the entire process there is lots of documentation and one wrong or missing document might break your dream of being a legal citizen of Australia.

So exactly what documents do I need before I consider applying for an Australian Citizenship?

Ideally the application for the Australian citizenship require the following documents

Documents establishing your identity

As an applicant, you must provide with the below stated documents

  1. 3 documents (in original) that have your
    1. Photograph
    2. The present residential address
    3. Your signature
    4. Date of birth, birth name and gender
  2. The proper evidence that would prove you have changed your name (in case you have done so)
  3. Approved identity declaration
You can use your passport; driver’s license etc as the proof your identity. These documents usually have your signature as well as photograph. Your current residential address can be verified from any of the utilities bill you have paid recently. Also, to verify your date of birth you may produce your birth certificate or any other legal document that has your name and date of birth on it.

Documents stating that you have a good character

People who are of 18 years or more and are seeking Australian citizenship must prove that they possess a good character. If in the past, the applicant has been charged with some sort of criminal offense in any part of the world, chances are that their citizenship application would not get approved by the Department of Immigration.

Besides the clearance from the local Australian law, you also require penal clearance certificates from overseas nations as well in case if

  1. you have stayed or had gone overseas since you were of 18 years or over, and
  2. the entire time spent overseas summed up to at least 12 months or more, and
  3. the duration of your stay in any one nation was in excess of 90 days, or
  4. You are asked to do so by the department.

Supporting Documents

In some special cases you may require to submit some supporting documents as well along with your application. These supporting documents actually make strong your candidature for being an Australian citizen. Supporting documents might be needed for the below mentioned reasons

  1. To ask for exception from the residence obligation
  2. To produce proof that your parent was actually a citizen of Australia
  3. To produce proof that you have changed your name.

How to send these documents?

If you are applying via internet you need to upload the scanned copies of these documents on the website of Department of Immigration. However you should be careful and not mail the original documents to the department. In exceptional cases, the department might ask you to produce your documents in original.

It would be worth mentioning here that all duplicate copies of the documents must be attested by a competent authority of Australia.

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