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Australia as all of us know is the world's 12th largest economy. Today masses are trying their hands on getting easy migration from one place to another. However, the concern is when you don't have the proper guidance as to how to migrate from Australia to any other Country. Even the rules laid in Australia regarding migration are stern, which cannot be overruled or disclosed by any layman. In fact, one must be a migration officer to dictate or reveal migration policy or rules. It is mandatory that migration agent must be registered with the office of the MARA (migration agents registration authority).

Some of the people expect to get advice from education agents; however, they are also not liable to give migration assistance. In Australia getting visa approved by education agents is considered prohibition of law, because of which a person disobeying the rule is convicted according to the law and hence is sentenced for 33 months of imprisonment.

If a person found giving advice regarding migration in Australia, then he is convicted of disclosing the rules and prohibiting the law and so will be liable to pay penalty of 6600 AUD or imprisonment for up to 10 years.

Apart from the agent disclosing the migration rules and protocols, some other acquaintances are there who can help in providing assistantship. These are the ones who don't require to be registered with any MARA authority or need not to be an agent. Some of these acquaintances are:

  1. Close relatives or family members such as spouse, brother, sister, child etc.
  2. Sponsors.
  3. Parliamentarians.
  4. Officials acting in the course of their duties.
  5. Members of consular post.
  6. Members of international organization.
  7. Education agent who is a registered migration agent with the MARA.

Assistance on Australian migration cannot be told in- depth, however, there are some other information that can be shared by education agent to help the assistantship.

  1. They can help in preparing the documents needed to apply for visa.
  2. They provide translation services.

To be facile, In Australia only Migration agent who is registered with the migration agent’s registration authority can only provides migration assistantship. Disregarding the rule and providing assistance can prove to be punishable offense and so one must keep that in mind and should follow the norms of revealing migration advice to a third person.

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