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Why Does Australia Need Australian Citizenship Test

Every country has its own procedures for naturalization for its citizens and quite naturally Australia too has certain norms to be followed with regard to citizenship laws. One of the specifications is that of passing the Australian Citizenship Test which is conducted by the Government. The introduction of the Citizenship test was first initiated in 2007 and was included as part of the application process. Though initially there were a large number of failures which resulted in a decline in less number of applications being successfully processed, it was later remedied with help from a committee specially set up by the department of Citizenship and Immigration

What does the test judge?

Basically the objective of the test is to judge the English language proficiency of the applicant and the knowledge the applicant has regarding the county, its history and geography, its customs and cultures and other information. It also tests the applicant’s knowledge on the values and standards followed by Australians in Australia and above all the rules and regulations that every citizen in Australia must abide by. Though there is a separate standardized language test to assess the proficiency in the English language, the Australian Citizenship Test too is a tool to judge the competency in English.

The Australian Citizenship Test Content:

The content of the test basically is taken from a book dealing with all the aspects of Australia as a country and Australian lifestyle. This includes the political, historical, geographical and economical aspects of Australia. The resource book titled “Australian Citizenship: Our Common Bond” is easily available at the Department of Immigration and Australian Citizenship and it can also be downloaded from their website. Being a democratic country, the responsibilities and duties of an Australian citizen need to be accurately understood and this understanding is also part of the content of the test. A score of 75% is needed to pass out of the 20 questions that are on the test paper to be completed in 45 minutes.

Why Does Australia Need the Australian Citizenship Test?

Australia is one of the most successful countries as far as its economy goes and is a fast developing one. Considering this scenario, it is also one of the wealthiest countries in the world. So quite naturally it is a land of opportunities that invites a lot of people from around the globe. Hence with a large population of expatriates it can be quite a chaos if people started living their own lives with no immigration restrictions whatsoever. This is one of the main reasons why Australia needs to consider testing its prospective citizens. The influx of immigrants from around the world must be made to understand, know and accept the laws, lifestyle and the localities in Australia.

Another reason why Australia needs to conduct the Australian Citizenship Test on its prospective citizens is to encourage them to lead a better life with complete knowledge of the country laws. This is greatly helpful in alleviating the ignorance about the laws which has the potential to lead them to break the law by error or due to sheer ignorance. Being knowledgeable about the requirements of the law and the need to abide by them will automatically make them better citizens of the country.

Therefore the bottom line is that, the Australian Citizenship Test is a boon to most immigrants to Australia as it familiarizes them to the country of which they are going to be a part making them feel more Australian.

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